BFD Protocol Python Parsing and Network Performance Analytics

Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) is a network protocol providing fast insights, into faults between two forwarding routers. BFD timestamps may also provide insight into network performance and link capacity.

This python code snippet allows one to obtain network performance analytics (variables) from captured BFD network packets. The code parses a pcap network capture file for BFD transactions, and recovers time stamps from the echos. From the pcap parsed BFD timing details, the python application generates two variables; the round trip time (RTT) and the BFD send time deviations. From these two analytic variables, one may infer; how-well a router data plane is capable of periodically sending BFDs. The analytics also provide insight into; how-well the adjacent router can respond with an echo timestamp. Link capacity and health may also be derived from these network performance analytics. 

The GIT site below hosts the python code with performance variable plots. The plots suggest there may be additional variables, like link demand loading, affecting the network performance. Monitoring these BFD variables in real-time, may provide insights into transient anomalies, performance and capacity.

GIT BFD parsing code and analytics: